Audiophile Linux is the operating system optimized for high quality digital audio reproduction. Created by audiophiles for people who share the same dream. To have their system a bit more better. AP-Linux is easily installed, user friendly, and absolutely free. Install it like any other GNU/Linux distribution and enjoy the music playback. Audiophile Linux comes with everything you need for playing your audio and video files.

Audiophile Linux features:

System and memory optimized for quality audio
Custom Real-Time kernel
Latency under 5ms
DSD support
Lightweight window manager
Pre installed audio and video programs
Lightweight OS, free of unnecessary daemons and services
Standard Linux distributions are designed for running servers or desktop usage. But because of his design, Linux itself have the ability to be a perfect audio solution. We have taken this ability and turned standard Linux in something that is enjoyable to listen. Every little part of it can be crucial for listening. The unnecessary services and daemons, included in standard Linux distributions, have been removed and their negative influence on audio playback made impossible. Printing and some other network services running in background of the standard Linux distributions, use the CPU and memory and are completely useless for audio reproduction.

AP-Linux distribution is based on Arch Linux with highly configurable and low resource demanding X window manager called Fluxbox. Standard desktop environments like Gnome, Cinnamon and XFCE are not included any more.

What others say:

“Several years now, I am trying to find the best Computer Audio solution for my personal system. During this process, Windows, Mac and Linux flavors have been tested. Furthermore, I ‘ve created PurePlayer

( in order to get the best possible sound out of Windows. Although this task was successful, the result cannot be compared with your solution. Right now I am using AP Linux with Deadbeef and Jack using a CM6631 interface to DAC and the result is absolutely amazing. Congratulations!”